Marathon Sunday is the Most exciting and fun day of the Year here in NYC.

Most people are cheering on friends and Family who are running for a great Cause or Personal goals. The vibe is always fantastic & The crowds are always Large, but do move around well.

so don’t be scared off by crowds & Come join the Fun!!

be in the know...


1. There are No Reservations for Marathon Sunday

2. Marathon @ Bar Coastal is a Standing Room Only Event as we remove all tables and chairs for the day.

3. We open to the Public at 11am on Marathon Sunday

4. The kitchen is open and all food is served in take-out Containers

5. There is NO outside Food or Drinks allowed in the Bar (including, Coffee, Soda, Sport Drinks & Bottled Water)

6. At no time are Drinks purchased at Bar Coastal allowed to be carried outside. (Per NYPD Request)

7. All NFL Games are shown on our TV’s throughout the Day.